Blackjack is the famous card game where you have to beat the bank and its dealer to win the bet! There are thousands of online blackjack providers, but which ones are the best? Our experts answer that question for you.

#1 – Publisher Playtech, a pillar of experience

Speaking of online blackjack, and even casino games in general, the provider Playtech is one of the pillars, one of the most serious and professional publishers out there.

Founded in 1999, Playtech has become the leader in the online gaming industry and has even become a publicly-traded company in recent years, thanks to its high turnover, the quality of its games, and its worldwide presence!

Generally, this publisher is mainly focused on technological development and is a forerunner in games; players love to play blackjack on mobile or PC with this publisher, because the graphics are simply, exceptional.

#2 – The specialist live provider, Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a more recent provider that was founded in 2006 in Latvia and decided to specialize in live casino games.

Its particularity is that it bets everything on innovation, according to the needs of the customers. Knowing that it evolves every day, it is a real mission that the publisher has embarked on!

Evolution Gaming has become a fixture at all the top online casinos. These casinos can provide live video blackjack tables, with dealers at your disposal!

#3 – Innovative live online games from Ezugi

The very recent company Ezugi, which appeared in 2014 has made a grand arrival in the world of Gaming and live casinos. It stands out from other publishers with its algorithm technology and constant innovation.

Ezugi is the first publisher to offer players the ability to chat in a live chat during a live blackjack game with the dealer. Their mission is simply to bring the virtual closer to the real so that players can feel more and more like they are in a real casino, much like Vegas.

Another new innovation is that you can return your hand for half your bet, ideal for taking no chances and sometimes changing your mind… A sort of cash-out never seen before in the history of this game.

These three publishers are for us, the most innovative, those who really have a mission for online blackjack players and who make the online casino improve day by day.