The Way in Calgary – Online Slots for Seniors

If you like to spend your time playing online casinos, but don’t know how to choose the best and safest one, The Way in Calgary – Online Slots for Seniors is just what you need. Discover all the information about legal gambling platforms and enjoy the game.

old man near casinomachone

Our Mission

Our community was created to provide all seniors in Calgary with trustworthy information about online casinos, gambling features, and the peculiarity of games. Our mission is to offer help and assistance to seniors in choosing the best gambling brand, such as from this best online casino ranking in Calgary and all of Canada that meets their needs. We also inform seniors on how to play slots online, and how to enjoy the most popular game- online bingo.

The Way in Calgary

The Way in Calgary – Online Slots for Seniors is an organization dedicated to informing Calgary seniors about online gambling, particularly online slots, and helping them find reliable online casinos with online games.

Why Play Slots Online

Casino slots are the best entertainment you can win with! Today, online slots are experiencing the fastest growth in popularity since their invention. They have been around for hundreds of years and have evolved tremendously, and are now available in every online casino. All players love them. And no wonder, since it is a game full of risk that gives unforgettable emotions.

Online Gambling is Convenient

The greatest asset for which online casino enthusiasts make their main source of daily entertainment is its accessibility! Whether in the metro, between two files, during a pub break or coffee break, while waiting for a friend, etc., punters can pull out their smartphone and get in a quick game. Furthermore, to enjoy a quick game, there is no need to have special equipment or to be in a separate environment to enjoy your online game.

Online Slots are Safe

Playing online slots is absolutely safe if you choose a legal and reliable casino to have fun. Be sure that the gambling platform is licensed by the relevant authorities and is completely reliable. If you are having trouble identifying legal casinos, just ask out experts for help.

The positive effect for Seniors

Many people are looking for an entertainment option to quickly escape from the stresses of everyday life. While there is no shortage of entertainment options, one specific distraction is really catching on online slots. Defined as simple yet de-stressing, this virtual game has seen a steady increase in the number of users over the years.

Variety of Banking Methods

You want to deposit money securely, and if you get lucky and win money, you want to withdraw those winnings fast. The online casinos in Calgary provide a great variety of banking methods for you to choose the most appropriate one.



Bank transfer







eco payz







Variety of Themes: From Fruits to Spaceships

Thanks to the advancement of technology, online gamblers can now enjoy high-quality virtual casino games. There have been some great developments in the various online slot machines making them more convenient to use. 3D images, an animated environment, fluid reels, interactive options, live sounds of the actions performed, etc. everything has now been thought by the designers to offer an authentic and relevant entertainment experience to the players. There are hundreds of online slot themes, but the most popular are:

Popular TV series

Music bands



Sports activities

Tips on How to Choose Slot and Win

Most people think that all slot machines are similar, but this is obviously not the case. Here is some information that will help you choose the right slot machine for you, as well as some tips. Choosing a casino slot machine can be difficult when you’re a beginner, while some people want to trust their instincts, others prefer to take precautions to maximize their chance of winning, so what should you look at before you take the plunge on a slot machine?

Play at Reliable Sites

When we test an online casino, we systematically check if it meets all our security criteria… and the list is long! In order to protect players, a site must put in place a whole range of measures. The first, and probably the most important, is data security. The best casinos encrypt data using the SSL protocol. This system is used by banks and financial institutions around the world, so no one can intercept the information you entrust to your casino. So you can pay by credit card in complete security!

All good casino sites should also have a privacy policy that protects your privacy. Reliable sites guarantee not to disclose or sell your personal information to any other company. The trusted casinos we recommend will never send you spam, and your personal account information will never be sold or shared with third parties. Whether you want to play free online games or transfer funds to your real money account to participate in blackjack or slot tournaments, you can play at our favourite sites without worry!

Carefully Choose the Game

To select an online slot machine, it is essential to know the types available:

  1. Progressive jackpot slot machine (progressive slots)
  2. Multiplier slot
  3. Bonus multiplier slot
  4. Buy play slots
  5. Multiple pay line slots

Whatever your choice, choose a casino that allows access to a demo version to try out and discover the game.

Study the Symbols

Nowadays, online casinos offer you endless possibilities to play your favourite games. Don’t bother organizing a trip to the nearest casino resort. Slot machines have moved online. There are more choices than you could ever try in a lifetime.

Standard online slot symbols

These are the basic symbols in your slot game. Traditional fruit machine symbols have become an integral part of the classic 3-reel slot machine design. But most online slots use card-based symbols. This takes the game back to its roots, which evolved from the first poker machines.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are a special type of bonus. They are very popular with the vast majority of casino players. Most of the 5-reel online slot machines today have this type of symbol. Logically, they should be listed in the payable of your game.

Scatter symbols in online slots

Scatter symbols are another common bonus feature in most video slots. They are usually among the rarest symbols on the reels and, therefore, harder to get. However, they have the advantage that they do not have to be part of a pay line to trigger their effect.

Multiplier symbols

Multiplier symbols are among the rarer bonus features. Their function is explained in the title: they multiply your winnings. Multiplier symbols can appear on the reels like any other symbol. However, they increase the winnings on the winning lines by 2x, 3x, 4x, or even 6x.

Bonus Symbols

The bonus symbols are very similar to the scatters but trigger a special bonus game.

Stacked symbols

Stacked symbols are another relatively new invention. They are very popular with players. Stacked symbols take up more space on the reels. This increases the chances of them being part of a pay line.

Practice for Free

Check the free slots: games that you can play online without depositing any amount of money. Using free mode while playing online casino games gives you an opportunity to enjoy the time without the stress and the possibility of losing money. Moreover, you can gain experience using different strategies.

A Brief Slots History

Our favourite games originated in 1898 from Charles August Fey in the USA. The Liberty Bell had 3 reels with diamonds, hearts, spades, horseshoes, and the Liberty Bell. What was innovative about it? It paid the winners automatically.

It was a huge success with our neighbours and then spread like wildfire around the world. Of course, as the decades passed and it travelled, it gradually changed its form in line with technological developments, to become the product we know today.

Today, there is no longer just one type of free slot machine, but many different versions. Over the years, many different types of online slot machines have been created. Recently, they have been converted to a trial version. This means you can play models such as the:

  1. 5-reel free slot machine or one with 3 reels
  2. 3D Slot Machine
  3. Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine
  4. Classic Video Slot

The Biggest Slot Wins in History: Top Jackpots

Discover players who have won some of the biggest payouts in the history of online casinos. To give you a clear idea, here is the history of the biggest online casino wins.

euro millions

17.8 million in slot machine wins

In the history of online casinos, the biggest record in terms of winnings is C$17.8 million won on slot machines. This jackpot was won by a Finnish player on 20 January 2013.

euro millions

3.5 million euro jackpot

The 34-year-old Belgian won the third-largest jackpot in the history of online casinos with C$3.5 million. He achieved this feat on 18 March 2015. It is important to note that he rarely played in online casinos.

euro millions

11.7 million in European roulette

The biggest winnings at the online casino also included an amount of almost C$11.7 million. The lucky winner of this astronomical amount was not quite sure about the various rules of the European roulette game.

How to Play Slots Online

Slot machines are without doubt the most accessible game for beginners in the world of online casinos. This is because they do not require any strategic knowledge or logical resources. Being entirely dependent on chance, slot machine draws make it very easy for players to know that they will only win if their lucky stars are present. However, it is essential to understand how to play slot machines in order to enjoy the best possible experience…

Basic Rules and Game Layout

The first rule of slot play is simple: you must insert money into the machine by selecting the number of chips to bet. Once you press the start button, the reels start to spin and then stop. If the symbols present form certain pre-defined lines in the specific game features, you will generate varying amounts of winnings.

Slot Machine Terms

Our one-armed bandit games glossary teaches you all the terms and phrases you need to know to have fun in an informed way.


Or random number generator. This is a computer system that generates the slot machine draws.


The maximum amount of money that the bettor is likely to win during a game. There are two types of jackpots, fixed jackpots, and progressive jackpots.

Progressive Jackpot:

A jackpot that increases in value as players wager on a specific slot machine. Usually, several one-armed bandits in a network are associated with a single progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot can be more than a million dollars.


Game: An interactive mini-game that can be unlocked with a specific symbol combination.

Multi-line Slot:

A slot machine with a large number of pay lines. Up to fifty pay lines can be played on one slot machine.

Video Slots:

One-armed bandit games on the internet are video slots. The glass screen and paper reels of the traditional version are replaced by a 3D simulation.

Max Bet:

This is the maximum bet allowed on a slot machine. The player can press a button on the dial to bet the maximum amount in online casinos.


A reel containing the various symbols in a slot machine.

Wild Symbol:

A bonus icon that can replace any other symbol. The Wild symbol acts as a kind of wild card.

Free spins:

you can sometimes benefit from free spins depending on the combinations obtained on the reels. The winnings generated during this phase of the game are real;

Payout Ratio:

The percentage of money that is returned to the player after a slot game. A payout ratio is a form of return on investment. It ranges from 96% to 97% in online casinos.

Slot Symbols

Some casino slots additional rules may appear on the games. Depending on the entertainment you choose, you will indeed see that other features are offered to you. The main ones are:


These are symbols that substitute for any other image on the reels to increase your chances of forming winning lines;

Bonus games:

Random bonus games can be launched. They give you access to a different design and changed rules. Sometimes the slot turns into a dice game, a card game, and even a fighting game!


These are special symbols that, if they appear in a number of 3, activate game options to boost your winnings;

What is Slot RTP and Variance?

The RTP is the payout ratio of a casino slot machine. This parameter represents over a long period of time the winnings paid out to the players, the rest being perceived by the casino as profit. A clear example is the following. If players spend a total of C$1,000,000 over a period of time on a machine with an RTP of 95%, C$950,000 will be returned to the players, i.e. won by them, while the casino will make a profit of C$50,000. The RTP of a slot machine, therefore, defines its gross profitability over a given period. This parameter is theoretical and may not always apply exactly, which is fair since gaming is a matter of chance and probability. The RTP also has, contrary to popular belief, nothing to do with luck and is the only factor that characterizes a slot machine.

Variance is another important factor in a slot machine, not to be confused with RTP. It defines how often winning combinations are selected by the machine. A slot machine with a variance of 30%, for example, will show a winning combination 3 times out of 10. A distinction is made between “loose” slot machines, which have a high variance but a relatively low RTP. On these machines you will win more often but your winnings will be small. On the other hand, there are the so-called “tight” slots, which have a low variance but a high RTP, so that you can win very large prizes with this type of slot machine, but this rarely happens.

Types of Online Slots

You no longer need to spend time in a real casino to play slots. In fact, this kind of entertainment is available online and for free. All you have to do is log on to a free site; choose the type of machine you want and play. The rules have remained the same, or almost. Apparently, the virtual versions of slots have other, more interesting options.

3-Reel Slots

3 reel slots, adopt a fairly simple design compared to 5 reel slots, most of these slots have a single pay line or 5 lines, and these are called old-style free slots. Although publishers are currently focusing more on 5 reel slots than 3 reel slots, the classic free slot machine trend is coming back into fashion with new slot genres.


Best 3-Reel Slots

  1. Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay
  2. Lightning Joker

5-Reel Slots

5 reel slots, you will have access to many more pay lines than in 3 reel slots as they will usually be spread over 3 rows of symbols, the graphics of 5 reel slots are on the whole more advanced than classic slots.


Best 5-Reel Slots

  1. Jungle Jim El Dorado
  2. Dead or Alive

Progressive Slots

The progressive jackpot is a new type of free online slot machine. A free online slot machine with a progressive jackpot allows multiple players to play on the same machine. More competitive than other players, these competitors will do their best to win a jackpot that can increase progressively. Slots with progressive jackpots are very popular with experienced players, as they allow you to win a lot of money in a few moments.


Best Progressive Slots

  1. Arabian Nights
  2. Mega Fortune Dreams

Classic & Fruit Slots

For purists, nothing beats the excitement of classic slot machines. In a casino, for example, anything can happen as long as you keep betting. The more you bet, the more likely you are to hit the jackpot. Classic slot machines work much like the old three-reel machines. You can bet on different lines: fruit, bar, number 7. Once you have placed your bets, you just have to activate the lever and wait for the results.Furthermore, free online slots are available in various themes with different animations and music.


Best Classic & Fruit Slots

  1. Fruit Zen
  2. Mega Flip

Video Slots

The online video slot is another form of the online slot machine. In fact, this type of slot is a more modern and improved version of the classic free online slot. It has the same game principles where the player has to bet on lines to win. However, this type of slot offers more attractive and sometimes more complex features.


Best Video Slots

  1. Wizard of Oz
  2. Mega Fortune

3D Slots

As the free online video slot, the 3D slot is an improved version of the classic online slot. In fact, this type of slot has a more contemporary and modern graphic. With a 3D display, the player will be totally immersed in the game. The gameplay remains the same, but with more animation, more bonuses, and with mini-games.


Best 3D Slots

  1. Cazino Cosmos
  2. Vikings Go to Hell

HD Slots

Thanks to the power of current technology we now have crystal clear HD slots available at nearly all online gaming sites. If you don’t know what HD slot machines are they are just similar to the regular games the only difference being that high definition (HD) titles are fortified with high-quality graphical interfaces.


Best HD Slots

  1. Crystal Forest
  2. House of Fun

Mobile Slots Advantages

It was obvious from the extent to which smartphones have become a part of our daily lives that the world of slot machines would soon take over our mobile phones in leaps and bounds. Playing slots on your smartphone or tablet is not only possible but also very enjoyable and fast. Numerous slot machine applications for Android, Windows Phone, and Apple iOS make this dream possible.

From your computer, you can play slots without having to leave your room. Thanks to various websites, many players no longer had to go to a casino to play roulette or draw cards. This was a great revolution, but today it is a drop in the bucket compared to the many advantages of mobile slot games.

Playing from your mobile phone is faster; it gives you the possibility to play more in less time while keeping total mobility. You can play in a taxi, during a short coffee break, or even in the metro on your way to work.

The Best Slots for iOS

In casinos, you will need real money to play slots, but on your iPhone, all you have to do is install a slot game and start playing it for free. If you are interested, keep reading as we will share the best slot games for iPhone and iPad.

  1. Old Las Vegas
  2. Panther Vegas
  3. Vegas Tower

The Best Slots for Android

Slot games are among the most popular casino games. One of the main reasons for their popularity is that they are very simple, just spin the wheel and that’s it. Due to the popularity of slot games, there are a variety of slot games available for Android, but not all are worth downloading. Here are the best slot games for Android in 2020.

  1. Super Lucky
  2. Pharaoh’s Way
  3. Rocket Speed

Safest Online Casinos with Slots for Seniors

On the Internet, there are hundreds of gaming rooms and it can be difficult for players to choose a safe online casino. How do you choose the casino that will allow you to play safely? There is a simple answer to this: all online casinos offered are guaranteed to be 100% safe.

Jackpot City Casino

It is a site that completely meets the expectations of Canadian players. It combines quality bonuses with a fully secure interface. Players can enjoy a wide range of fun games and discover the amazing new features that software publishers keep coming up with.

Although Jackpot City Casino may look a little retro at first glance, with the predominantly purple cover, you can still enjoy totally intuitive navigation. Indeed, the homepage of the online casino games site shows a beautiful image of an ultra-modern city reminiscent of the world’s largest megacities.

While not the most modern of online casinos, online casino is still a reliable establishment, as evidenced by its license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Jackpotcity Casino has over 450 games available at Jackpotcity flash, each one as exciting as the next. Indeed, the operator has entrusted the control of its game library to the developers Microgaming and Evolution Gaming, and we can say that the result is worth the candle.

You will be able to enjoy a C $1,600 bonus offered by Jackpot City. The online casino is offering 100% bonuses on your first 4 deposits, with a maximum of C$400 per deposit. This welcome bonus also comes with 200 free spins (from C$20 deposited) on a selection of different machines for 7 days.

Spin Casino

Are you looking for a site with a lot of games to play? Here you are in the palace of online entertainment… The world of Spin Casino slot machines offers you hundreds of slots, including twenty progressive jackpot machines.

Rabcat, Evolution Gaming, and Microgaming are the geniuses behind the entertainment panel. This is complemented by dozens of card and table games, including Spin Casino roulette, blackjack, video poker, baccarat. Better still, you can even play on tables hosted by live dealers via Spin Casino live. The fluidity and quality of the graphics make it a first-rate world!

The Spin Casino bonus that the site reserves for its new players to welcome them is simply staggering. New players can receive no less than CAD 2,000 on their first three deposits to earn even more for less.

Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune Casino, like Spin Palace, is part of the very serious Palace Group. The site is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and is certified by eCOGRA. This means that you can be sure that you are playing on a site that you can trust and that only fair games are being played.

Ruby Palace offers a fairly limited choice of payment methods for Canadian players. However, deposits are fast, easy, and secure. Another great thing about Ruby Fortune is that the casino accepts Canadian dollars.

Ruby Fortune offers you the best in mobile gambling, with a wide range of titles that can be played for fun or for real money. Ruby Fortune’s customer support is very good and is available in several different languages. English language support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone and email.

Types of Slot Bonuses

Playing at an online casino has many drawbacks. Those who play not only have the opportunity to enjoy the games of roulette, slots, blackjack, but also the chance to take advantage of bonuses for maximum prizes. So, you might as well get interested in online casino games and sign up first to be entertained and then to win big. Do you want to know more about online casinos bonuses?

Free Spins

Free spins are mostly offered on slot machines. It is a type of bonus offered by casinos to give players the opportunity to participate in several free spins on slot machines. The number of spins is not offered one by one and that’s the great thing about it. You can get them in a number of 20, 30, 50, or even 100 free spins. If this type of bonus is only available on the machines, you might get it on roulette, blackjack.

Welcome Bonus

As the name suggests, the welcome bonus is obtained upon registration. That’s why it’s called a sign-up bonus. So, to get it, all you have to do is register at the chosen casino site. In short, most online casinos offer this type of bonus in order to flatter the players. The amount of the welcome bonus varies from one casino to another, but some casinos that are concerned about their players’ future will go as high as C$3,000 in entry bonuses. However, the terms and conditions must be respected.    

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is, as its name suggests, a gift without the need to deposit any money on your part. It is in fact a real free gift! If any winnings result from playing with this bonus, you can withdraw your winnings. But the casino will deduct the original bonus amount.

Myths and Superstitions About Slots

As a reminder, the principle of the game is simple: the player inserts a coin or banknote into the slot machine’s slot, then selects the amount of the bet and the number of lines they wish to play, and finally, they simply pull the lever on the machine or press the ‘Play’, ‘Start’ or ‘Spin’ button to activate the slot machine and watch the reels spin. These reels stop a few seconds later to display a winning or losing combination.Do I have a better chance of winning if I pull the handle instead of pressing the ‘play’ button?Of course not, the odds are still the same, and it will always depend on the random number generator.

Can slot machines be hot or cold?

Not true, this is still a myth; the odds of hitting a particular combination are exactly the same every time you play. They are not obliged to give you a win, even if they haven’t paid anything for hours or even days. In reality, it is rather on your “person” that you will encounter periods of form and variance that are not related to a particular game but to your own variance. In other words, you can change your slot machine whenever you want without worrying about this detail.

You Can Predict When a Payout is Due

It all depends on the random number generator. And even if there was, the casinos would adapt immediately. However, here’s a good tip. In any game of chance, there is something called variance. Not every winning move can happen with perfect frequency. This means that winning bets will come in “bunches”, i.e. chance will always have a long-term tendency to form groups of winning bets and periods of losses.

Loose Slots 

A loose machine is a machine that has a higher long-term payback percentage than another machine. It is not a myth. The loose machines in a casino are those machines that have the highest paybacks. These are the machines that will take the smallest bites out of your bankroll in the long run.

Online Games Are Rigged

Everyone has asked themselves this question at least once, it has happened before, and now you think, if I had played a few more minutes, I could have won that amount! Don’t worry, this is totally false! Indeed, because of the random number generator, you would have had to press the button at exactly the same microsecond as the other player, the slightest difference in time would have given a completely different combination, and it’s quite well thought out!

Our Favourite Slots Providers

Do you want to play quality casino games? If so, then you need to go to reputable slot software providers that are sure to satisfy you. Here are the different names that you should not miss, in order to enjoy the best games of the sites present in the top 10 of the best online casinos


Microgaming is one of the behemoths of the web casino games market. It is even the leader and the main figure in the business. Having designed hundreds of games and slot machines, this publisher is characterized by a complete, unique and rich offer. The themes of the games are original and varied, and it has won multiple awards since its conception over 25 years ago – making it one of the pioneers in the market. With Microgaming casinos Canada, you’ll enjoy a clear interface, allowing players to get up to speed quickly. Here is a listing of the main slots of the group:

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance

Thunderstuck II




Untamed Bengal Tiger


Alaxe in Zombieland

alaxe zombieland



Play’n Go

Play’n Go is a Swedish company that is an expert in the world of web games, offering more than a hundred casino games (slot machines, table games, video poker, scratch cards, and, more recently, video bingo), most of which are slots. In these Play’n Go slots, you will enjoy a wide variety of worlds, from parties to pirates to animals. Here is the list of the best slot machines of the group:

Royal Masquerade

Royal Masquerade

Lucky Diamonds

Lucky Diamonds

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger

Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller

Photo Safari

Photo Safari

Pearl Lagoon

Pearl Lagoon

Tower Quest

Tower Quest




This publisher offers a wide range of casino games, poker, bingo, and especially slot machines. This world-renowned web gaming company offers a long list of qualitative and unique solutions. In these games, PlayTech 3D slots offer incredible visuals. For example, you can enjoy Marvel games with the adventures of Daredevil or the Incredible Hulk. You can play these slots for free in demo mode or in real mode. Here is the list of the best slot machines of the group:

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura





Captain America

Captain America





Iron Men

Iron Men

Calgary Nursing Homes With Which We Cooperate

The general term nursing home includes a group of establishments in which the various forms of accommodation for the elderly can be distinguished.We cooperate with a number of such establishments and consult seniors about online casinos.

Wentworth Manor – Calgary, AB

Wentowrth Manor is a long-term care facility dedicated to helping seniors live fulfilling life. They provide a personalized care plan that, when combined with our comprehensive array of services, provides residents and families the kind of lifestyle they deserve.

5717 14th Ave SW

Calgary, AB

T3H 3M2

Phone: 403-242-5005

Fax: 403-242-5503

Email: [email protected]

14911 5 Street SW

Calgary, Alberta

T2Y 5B9

Phone: 403-410-9155 (Switchboard)

Fax: 403-254-0478

Millrise Seniors Village – Calgary, AB

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is a part of Canada’s first and largest province-wide, fully-integrated health system, responsible for delivering health services to more than 4.4 million people living in Alberta, as well as to some residents of Saskatchewan, B.C., and the Northwest Territories.

Brentwood Care Ctr – Calgary, AB

Intercare Corporate Group Inc. (Intercare) is an Alberta-based organization providing health and life enrichment services in continuing care centres since 1992. Their purpose is to maintain dignity, offer choice, and support growth to those they serve.

Brentwood Care Centre

2727 –16th Avenue NW

Calgary, Alberta T2N 3Y6

Phone : 403-289-2576

Fax: 403-282-7027

916 18A Street NW

Calgary, Alberta

T2N 1C6

Phone: 403-284-6000

FAX: 403-284-6085

Bethany Care Ctr – Calgary, AB

Designed to meet different levels of resident care and accommodation needs, Bethany Calgary is home to more than 400 long-term care residents. Their priority is to ensure residents receive quality care including nursing and personal care round-the-clock.

Extendicare – Calgary, AB

There are many people you will meet who make up the team of qualified, experienced, and dedicated health care professionals. Their mission is to care for individuals in everyday life.

3330 – 8th Ave. S.W.

Calgary, Alberta

T3C 0E7

Phone: 403-249-8915

Fax: (403) 246-7561

Email: [email protected]

4628 Montgomery Blvd NW

Calgary, AB  T3B 0K7

Phone: 403-444-7222

Email: [email protected]

Bow View Manor – Calgary, AB

The Brenda Strafford Foundation is a registered Canadian charitable organization established in 1975. The Brenda Strafford Foundation’s core business is seniors care. The Foundation is involved in a number of projects for innovation in seniors health and wellness.

Carewest Sarcee – Calgary, AB

Carewest Sarcee opened its doors to the Calgary community in 1962 and offers long-term care programs and services for 95 residents, rehabilitation and recovery services for 40 clients, and day programming for 90 clients.

3504 Sarcee Road S.W.

Calgary, Alberta, T3E 2L3

Phone: 403-686-8100

211 Heritage Drive SE

Calgary, Alberta T2H 1M9

Phone: 403-252-1194

Fax: 403-253-0393

Southwood Care Ctr – Calgary, AB

Intercare Corporate Group Inc. (Intercare) is an Alberta-based organization providing health and life enrichment services in continuing care centres since 1992. They offer both Long Term Care and Supportive Living accommodation services and provide publicly-funded health and personal care services to their residents.

Colonel Belcher Hospital – Calgary, AB

Their resident community is comprised of 114 adults, mostly seniors, who come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Approximately half of our residents are living with progressive dementia-related disease. Others come to us with complex medical needs, are physically compromised, or frail elders.

1939 Veterans Way N.W.

Calgary, Alberta, T3B 5Y8

Phone: 403-944-7800

270 Providence Boulevard SE

Calgary, Alberta T2X 0V6

Phone: 403-256-4641

Fax: (403) 254-6297

Email: [email protected]

Father Lacombe Nursing Home – Calgary, AB

One of the Calgary’s oldest Catholic continuing care providers with more than 100 residents.


How to play free slot machines?

Just browse, use the filters if you need to, and launch a slot game! No download is required and you can quickly have fun and try to win the big prize (which of course is virtual). You can even use our ‘Random Game’ feature to discover a new game!

Can I play slots on my mobile phone?

Yes, most modern slot machines are now ‘responsive’. This term is used when a game automatically adapts to the user’s screen size, whether it is a computer or a smartphone. Today, online casinos almost always choose slot machines that are compatible with smartphones and tablets.

What is the difference between free slots and real money slots?

Slot machines, whether free or pay, are the same: identical interface, similar game experience, unchanged aesthetics. The former will allow you to play for free (wagering with play money), while the latter will allow you to wager real money and, therefore, receive real winnings.

Do I have to register to play free online slots?

No registration or subscription is required to play for free online. Free online casino games are available to everyone, without constraints, easily and quickly.

What is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that accumulates over time and then awards a large sum of money to a single player. Most online casinos in Canada offer progressive jackpot slots. It is therefore worth keeping an eye on the jackpot total and how often the game pays out.