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Helpful Links

An online space where you can share your stories, ask your questions, and find community events and resources. Additional information can be found by visiting www.thirdagecommons.ca, a helpful resource to all things for older adults.

Contact Us

For intake into any network office of The Way In, please call 403-SENIORS (403-736-4677). Alternatively you can email us by filling in our contact form here.

Essential Phone Numbers

Further information is also available by contacting any of the following essential phone numbers for seniors. (Telephone interpretation services are available for all lines.)

Distress Centre & SeniorConnect


Help for a senior you know who might need assistance, but can’t or won’t call The Way In


Information on community and social services in Calgary 24 hours/day, 7 days/week


Information on City of Calgary Services 24 hours/day, 7 days/week


24-hour access to telephone directory listing across Canada (charges will apply on phone calls, but online services are free)



Nursing advice and health service information 24 hours per day

Dementia Advice

Support for individuals and caregivers living with dementia, including those with Alzheimer’s disease


Emergency Medical, Fire and Police

Calgary Police Service


Non-emergency line

Elder Abuse Resource Line


24-hour confidential information, support and potential referral regarding elder abuse. Intake line for the Kerby Rotary Shelter, a place to call for information, resources and referrals for seniors throughout Calgary

Services In Other Languages

Elder Brokers

Elder Brokers are older adults representing 15 diverse ethno-cultural communities. They work to connect older adults in their own ethno-cultural community to services provided by The Way In program. 

Elder Brokers inform their community members about The Way In and other services. Elder Brokers also work to reduce cultural and/or language barriers to in The Way In and other services.

Our Elder Brokers currently work with 15 ethno-cultural communities serving over 20 language groups: Bengali, Habesha, Farsi/Persian, Filipino, Korean, Myanmar, Indian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Polish and Vietnamese.

Please click here to visit our "What We Do" page to download information about our services in other languages.

Need help immediately? If you are in crisis, call the Distress Centre at 403-266-HELP (403-266-4357) OR 911